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So I got my laptop computer, which was always my backup computer, back from being repaired on Monday. I uploaded some stuff to the Internet from the desktop so I could then download it to the laptop, but the fics in progress were not among the things I'd uploaded before the desktop stopped working less than two days after I got the laptop back. Now the desktop won't boot up.

I have a paper draft of the rule-63 Mycroft fic in a folder in my flat, and the outline for it is in an e-mail. I uploaded the first draft of a Sherlock-returns fic to Google Docs some time ago, too. So among my Sherlock WIPs, it's only my two little 221B drabbles that have been completely lost.

There may be a problem with the recently-repaired laptop, too, though I need to call the computer repair shop before I panic officially.

There's other, more personal stuff on the desktop, too, but I hope the Computer Guy at work can do something about that.

it's not dead yet, and neither am I

Someone sent a direct message about a fic I was working on, but the message has vanished from my inbox, so I can't reply directly. Yes, it still exists, and I haven't given up on it. Rule-63-Mycroft is a horrible Mary Sue at the moment, however, and this version of her needs to die in a fire and take all her angst with her so she can become something worth reading about. (Okay, not ALL the angst, because both prompts are angsty to begin with.) I still have a way to go, and I've been more interested in doing fanart than fanfic for the last several months, but my pendulum is starting to swing back into a writing frame of mind. No promises as to whether I will ever be satisfied enough to post it, as there's stuff going down in real life and a fandom exchange that will keep me occupied until October, but I want to finish it. One thing I can guarantee is that if I start posting, I will finish relatively quickly. Friends from the Harry Potter fandom can attest that I am rubbish at updating WIPs, so I no longer start posting fics that I haven't finished writing.

TL;DR: I will post it here and at AO3 if I ever get my arse in gear, so check this journal every month or three to see if I've started posting.

I love exchanges

A few days ago, I received a beautiful fic by a mystery author who either knows me very well or else just got lucky, because there was an astronomy theme running through a story in which siblings featured heavily:

Characters/Pairings: John-centric, maybe a squint of Johnlock
Rating: PG-13 for some coarse language
Warnings: Suicidal thoughts.
Summary: “For all that Sherlock is ignorant about the solar system, John often entertains the notion that Sherlock is a black hole, capable of pulling everything around him into a decreasing spiral in his wake: sucking it into a black vacuum of chaos and madness, and rebuilding it all into something brilliant and beautiful, like that magnificent brain of his.” A (long-due) Post-TRF recovery fic.

I wallow in sadfics -- I call myself Mama Angst for good reason -- so this is right up my street. I also like sibling stories, and we get both Mycroft and Harry here. And it makes me happy that John finds his way in the end. And there was good astronomy.

*wriggles like a happy puppy*

hooray ... I think ....

Got my holmestice assignment. Am very pleased with who I got, and I'm grateful to the mods for giving me someone who's written multiple fics, as I requested.

Hyperventilating, though. I set the bar pretty high last autumn in terms of hours spent on the project and how happy I am with it, and I just don't have as much time this time because of the Tumblr Sherlock craft swap. But I shall muddle through and do my best because my recipient deserves no less.

*picks up embroidery box*


I blame credit arwen_kenobi for this playlist I just burned onto a CD: Read more...Collapse )

Title: Take a Sad Song and Make It Better
Author: ArwenKenobi
Summary: There is a song that is the rhythm and melody of John Watson’s life and it is that song that carries him through this just it has any other time in his life.
Rating: Teen and up
Warnings: Major character death, spoilers for series two of Sherlock

Go read. Take Kleenex. And for your convenience, here are a few vids to have handy while you read: Read more...Collapse )

meme ganked from triedunture

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic! Read more...Collapse )

srs bzns

First draft of shorter fic is finished. (Yes, I got sidetracked from my Mycroft fic again. Don't give up on me yet!) The printed short fic is about eighteen pages in minuscule font, and I'm filling it up with edits in green highlighter and red pen.

Sappy, sentimental, rubbish, this is, and I love writing it. I find these angsty prompts that I adore and start to write them, and then I realize that it's OOC for the character to act or feel that way. So do I abandon the project altogether or write the character so there's justification for them to do what I make them do? I accept OOC behavior all the time from other authors without blinking, but for some reason, it feels inexcusable for me to make Sherlock not asexual or Mycroft not outwardly confident for a single sentence.

Still, I'm determined to try. I'm writing this as a pre-slash Sherlock/John fic, but there's nothing in it to keep folks from reading it as gen if that's what they prefer. My goal is epic bromance.

Today is Thursday. I have four things on the agenda for this weekend:

1. shop at the supermarket and Target
2. dinner Saturday with my dad (poor fellow hates tax season, and I owe him for doing my taxes for me)
3. laundry and domicile maintenance

Other things will undoubtedly happen as well, but I am determined to do everything on that little list, number four especially. *crosses heart* Cloistered asthmatic Hufflepuff's honor.

Random thought: The thing that makes AUs so interesting to me is that the change in circumstance makes you really pare down to the essence of the character. I focus on what makes them recognizably them; what can fall away and what really wouldn't change no matter what situation you drop them in.

Edit: See, I'm editing:

three things

1. That awkward moment when I realized I said on a friending meme for sherlockmas that I'd participated before, but I hadn't ... that was holmestice. Oops. *deletes comment*

2. I signed up for a writing group that has a daily word deadline. WIP will be in progress again instead of on hold in the next few days. I have some stuff to condense, so the word count will be going down for the first few days, but then it should start to go up again.


3. Coworker Di borrowed my Sherlock series 1 DVDs. Student worker Rhi came to her desk today to ask a question and was distracted by the DVD cover. Her eyes got huge, and she asked, "Who are they, and how can I get one?" (She meant Sherlock and/or John, not the DVD.) Di laughed, and they walked back to my desk to ask if Rhi could borrow the DVDs once she's finished. We talked about Sherlock, Doctor Who, and other cute boys (including Jeremy Brett's Holmes) for ten minutes before they went away giggling.

Poor Rhi. By the time PBS gets around to showing series 2 of Sherlock in the US, she'll be up to her neck in final exams, and the minute she finishes that, she'll start studying for the California Bar Exam. So she'll Tivo it and watch it after the Bar Exam in JULY.

Right. Before bed, I must wash some dishes, download iTunes, sort the mail, sort the scenes that need to be condensed, and sort the laundry. Then it's up early to wash more dishes, wash enough laundry to get me through the next few days, clean more of the hobbit hole, and figure out how Audible and iTunes works so I can buy Cabin Pressure and burn it to CDs for my commute.

I made a fanart

False Eyelashes Can Be ... Tricky
by ~Keladry-Lupin on deviantART

This was painted for sc010f for the 2011 Winter round of holmestice. This fanart is meant to accompany her fic Don't Be a Drag, which I highly recommend if you are past the age of consent and don't mind mature rated slash. Please do not use any part of this art without her permission.

Sherlock and John belong to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and their current incarnations belong to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. I am not making any money off this fanart, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Thanks to elise_wanderer, mundungus42, magically25, m_mcgonagall_65, and minuet99 for their suggestions of what should go on the shelf.

Also, many thanks to alienangel4 for a cute and funny fanart of canon Watson getting Revenge! on Holmes. I love getting fanart, and this is very charming.